Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, T&A, reduced pay....what can I say?

....but OY! And no, T & A doesn't mean "tatas" and "a$$". LOL

Yesterday, I needed to make a small run into town for a few items and something for me and the kids to eat for dinner. Earlier I had comtemplated driving to the next town over to shop at Walmart, but decided that the items I needed from there were not a necessity at the moment and I was just too tired to go. We only live 3 miles from city limits of our town so it won the toss up. Thinking back now, it apparently was meant for me not to go to Walmart, as I would have been so screwed if I had.

The kids and I got to the store, decided on tv dinners for dinner/supper, picked up a few necessary staples, i.e., bread, milk, and proceeded to check out. As the cashier was scanning the items, I opened my checkbook, looking for my debit card. NO CARD! It was not in my purse either. WTF?? The other bad part? I have no check either! I ran out and have not had the cash to order anymore lately.

Boy, did was I embarrassed! I nicely told the girl that I had apparently left my debit card at home and would run and get it and come back for my groceries. I hate to admit it but I broke all sorts of laws getting home and back to that store. I normally wouldn't have but I had ice cream in one of those bags and I had the feeling they wouldn't have the decency to put my cold stuff in the ice cooler up front til I returned....I was right!

Thankfully, we made it there and back with no incidents and all my items were ok.

Now on to the T&A (tonsils & adenoids) discussion. Megan is having a T&A tomorrow morning at 8am. She has had too many problems with strep this year and due to the fact that she does snore at night sometimes, we decided it would benefit her to have them removed. Right now as I type this, Kevin is on his way home from Searcy, Arkansas to be with me at the hospital while we wait for her surgery to be over. It takes the doctors 1 hour to complete the procedure and then we have to wait for her to wake up in recovery and be brought back to the room. Once there, she is given a cold diet of popsicles, jello, and tea to drink. They want her to eat most of this and go pee before she is released to go home. We anticipate being there quite a while, so I have decided to take Chris to Ms. Dana's so he won't have to wait around with us. He will be able to play with his buddies Josh and Josiah (who is Ms. Dana's son), plus get breakfast and lunch and maybe a nap! This will also allow us a little time to focus on Megan. Hopefully all goes well, and we receive a good outcome.

We also learned that Kevin, and the other TK employees, are in for a pay reduction of 10% per hour. Right now, Kevin makes $11/hour and with the cut, he would make $9.90/hour. It's not the greatest of pay, but it is better than nothing. I know with all the bills we have, it's not easy but we have been pinching and making it through. I know if I have to refile on food stamps, I will. I have no problem with receiving help, especially when I am trying to get an education and better our lives. We were receiving them up until October 08, when I had to recertify. The stupid office manager dude filled out some paperwork for us and put on there that Kevin would be getting over 60 hrs a week and would also receive a pay increase of $1/hr which caused us to lose them. Then, to top it all off, he didn't get the pay increase and he barely got 60 hours for a while after that. Typical. He still hasn't got a pay increase and, in 3 months 2 weeks, he will have been there a year. Gosh, I hope he get vacation days, lol!

So now it's back to turning the thermostat down/up to save on the power bill and eating mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and beans til something happens. Speaking of that, I think something will happen as soon as Kevin walks in the door....as soon as I get out all I want to say. Time to pay the piper or move on. Simple as that. Life isn't free.....at least not to those of us who pay bills!

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