Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Reading that title, you are probably thinking about those Jason Vorhees movies...right? Well, I wouldn't have been a bit surprised had I caught a glimpse of him today. It has been one of those days!

The morning started off on a sour note. I awoke to Christopher in bed with me and Kevin. Alarm clock sounds, Kevin leaves for work, and I settle back down on my pillow for a 45 minute nap. After the alarm sounds again, I get the kids up for school and make my way into Christopher's room to fetch his clothes for the day. After flipping on the light, I observed what appeared to be vomit in the floor by his bed. It was confirmed when I noticed it on his pillow and sheet as well. So, I get him and Megan up and proceeded to clean up the mess. I hadn't had time to eat any breakfast so of course this caused me to gag a bit. Needless to say, it also made me lose my appetite. I got them on the bus, showered, and got myself dressed so I could get on on the road to school for my graduation rehearsal.

On the way to rehearsal, it began to rain. My mind then wandered to the thought of where I will park so I don't have to get too wet. A few weeks ago, I bought myself a new umbrella. The other day, I discovered a couple of the metal pieces that hold it open were broken in half, so I trashed it. Before today, I had forgotten to replace it and now I would suffer the consequences. When I arrived on campus, I ended up having to park roughly 100 yards from the gymnasium; where we were to meet up to start rehearsal. The rain had subsided for the moment so the walk in was ok. We got our placement cards, found our seats, and listened to directions for tomorrow's event. After practicing our line-up and graduation procedures, we were given our caps and gowns and we were then dismissed. I made my way to my car through the now pouring rain only to discover that I had left my headlights on during the morning. Thankfully, my boss from the college's childcare center was on campus and she called campus police for me. Within minutes, they had arrived and got my car started. I decided it was now time to get home!

I mentioned earlier that I had not ate breakfast. Before leaving town and heading home, I picked up a bite of food at the local Sonic. I waited til I was home to eat and relax. Earlier, Kevin had asked if I had checked with the bank to see if his check had been deposited. I hadn't so I figured I would call in and find out the amount. Afterwards, I called him to tell him the amount. He told me it didn't sound right but that is what the bank had confirmed was deposited. Come to find out, a couple of his work slips didn't get turned in so he lost 15 hours of overtime pay this week. Luckily, he was told it would be put with next week's pay so that is a plus.

Oh, yeah. Graduation. I am proud to say I will graduate tomorrow at 2 pm with an Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education (ECE) Technology....and with a 4.0 GPA!! I had signed up and completed classes this spring semester that would go toward a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Ed with an ECE concentration. I already registered for Fall classes, seeing as how I would have 2 more semesters here at this college then transfer to a university. Upon checking the college website, I shocked to learn that I was denied financial aid due to having completed 96 semester hours. So, if I intend to complete this degree, I assume I will need to take out student loans. *SIGH* I guess I just have to do what I gotta do!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Time out in Texas

We arrived Thursday evening around 5pm. We called Kevin's aunt and got shortcut directions which, in the long run, got us off I-10 and out of the middle of a police chase that happened seconds after we got off the interstate. Talk about luck. Since it was so late, we decided to order pizza and chill for the rest of the night. Friday, Tressa took Megan clothes shopping at Kohl's and I tagged along. We were going to go get pedicures and manicures but we took longer than expected in Kohl's and we needed to go to the grocery store too. After we got groceries put away, we decided to go swimming and went over to Tressa's friend, Julie's house. She has an inground pool and happened to be out of town on vacation so we had the pool to ourselves. Christopher got used to the water and ended up swimming by himself. He had floaties on and they seemed to help him. He even jumped off in the pool by himself after going to the bathroom. That was scary but he did great.

Saturday, we wanted to do the zoo, but it was over 100 degrees out here so that was out. We decided to stay in and play Wii for a while. We all took turns at bowling and later grilled t-bone steaks and portabello mushrooms for the 4th. We later went to the upstairs room and went out the window onto the roof and watched fireworks everywhere. I even saw a shooting star!! It was so cool....seemed like it was a scene out of a movie.

Sunday, we took a trip to downtown Houston to the Downtown Aquarium. We got all day passes and went through the inside exhibit. It was so cool. There was also a station where you could touch sting rays and horseshoe crabs. I touched a stingray but couldn't get a crab to come close enough for me to touch. The kids didn't want to do either!! LOL! The last thing we saw inside were white tigers. They were so pretty. We went out the exit and got in line to ride the ferris wheel and the kids rode the aquarium carousel which had sharks, alligators, sea horses, and dolphins instead of horses. We were hot after so we got bottle water and made our way to the car for the trek home. We were also a bit hungry so we stopped at this place called Willie's IceHouse and got some food. Kevin and I got cheeseburgers and fries. I had monterey jack cheese on mine and I do believe it was the best burger I have ever had.

Today, Tressa, Megan, and I went to a nail and spa salon and got the spa pedicures and manicures. Megan got her nails painted a hot pink color and the vietnamese lady painted flowery designs on her fingernails and big toe-nails. Tressa and I got our toenails painted a darker pink and we also got solar nails or as Mississippians call them, French nails. It was so cool. I enjoyed feeling girly for a while. The pedicure was awesome!! Right now, I am learning how to type good with these nails. It is kinda funny feeling, LOL! But, I think they look awesome!

Right now, we are waiting on gumbo to get done and we are going to have salad along with it. I also learned a new dip that I plan on making at Megan's birthday party. I learned it from the grocery store. Yep, that's right. The H-E-B store in Houston. It is something else. There is a section in the middle where they cook stuff everyday and let people sample it. Friday, they had this dip for sample and it is so good. I can't wait for everyone to try it.

Ok I need to get off here. I will update more later. Have a good Monday night!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Rollercoaster Ride to a Compromised Situation

Monday. In my honest opinion, I wish Mondays never existed. But then we would all end up with crappy Tuesdays, so it goes on. Yesterday sucked more than any other Monday of my life....or so I can remember.

Sunday, Kevin and I decided to put up the trampoline that my parents gave to us for the kids. This trampoline has been around since I was like 9 yrs old....well the frame has....the mat, on the other hand, has been replaced once. Anyway, we assembled it upside down and had to flip it over. The kids tested it out for a few minutes then we went inside and got settled for the night. Before we went to bed, Chris told us his eye hurt so we looked at it. I removed an eyelash that was curled under and poking in the corner of his left eye. We thought that was that.

Yesterday morning he woke up with a red puffy eyelid. I also noticed that there was some discharge and also a few lashes that looked to be bent down inside the bottom eyelid. He wouldn't let me mess with it so we got an appointment with an eye doc. The appoinment went so-so as Chris would not cooperate with the doc, but he did manage to brush the lashes out of his eye and prescribed some drops to be placed in his eye 3 times a day for 5 days.

We left out of there somewhat hopeful and decided to check out the new Dollar Tree that had finally opened in town. That was a great decision as we have been planning Megan's upcoming 10th birthday party and she wanted a luau theme. As soon as we walked in the door, we noticed an entire row of luau themed decor! We didn't want to spend alot so we decided we would just get a few things this trip and continue to buy a little each week so we can be prepared. We ended up getting plates, cups, napkins, 2 luau party signs (one to stick in the yard, the other to hang up), and a grass skirt table cloth. They even had leis that we believed were cheaper than Walmart but decided to wait on them until our next trip so we can compare prices. I will be making the invitations since we found a great template that Megan loved and wanted to use. We are so excited! The kids had some saved up cash so before we headed home, we stopped for a snowcone. Chris opted for a split: banana and strawberry, Megan got blue raspberry, I got chocolate, and we brought a green apple home for Kevin to enjoy later. I do have pics of Megan's blue lips/tongue that I plan to post later!

As for the compromised situation....I am getting to that.

We devided to have sandwiches for dinner since it was so hot yesterday and we didn't want to fire up the beast(stove), as Kevin calls it. LOL! As we were sitting down to watch a little tv, my phone rings. Now, normally, if I do not recognize the number, I don't answer it. For some reason, this time, I did. It was an automated message saying they(risk management) were calling in regards to our bank atm debit card and needed to speak with Kevin immediately, and to call this number back. So, learily, I did. A dude named Richard took my call. He never ask for any info. He simply asked me if I had used my debit card online recently to make any purchases. I told him no, that I had not used it in that manner within the last 6 months and that I use it mainly to pay certain bills online and that was it. He said he thought so and proceeded to explain to me that our former card had somehow been duplicated and been used to make a $482.33 purchase at some department store in Brazil. What I mean by former card is that, a week or so ago, we received new debit cards in the mail from our bank and a note stating that our account and cards possibly had been compromised and to stop immediate use of the old cards since they would be canceled, which we did! Apparently, somehow, this transaction made it through authorization. The girls at the bank assured me that by Thursday, this transaction will have expired and drop from my account due to the card being blocked, but in the case that it came through and overdrafts it plus anything else, they will dispute it and return all monies and od fees to our account. You damn right you will....or you will be hearing from our lawyer. Speaking of which, Kevin and I will be going in to see him today to talk about a settlement offer. Hopefully, this time, it's in our favor and we can get on with our lives. I am so sick of drama.

So, there ya go. A look into my rollercoaster ride so far this week. I am hoping the Good Lord sees fit to grant us a reprieve. Megan has a follow-up with Dr. Yarber tomorrow at 1pm. I am sure it will go exceptional. Now I am hot and tired. Think I will grab myself a Dr. Pepper popsicle and chill on the couch for a while.

Later taters!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, T&A, reduced pay....what can I say?

....but OY! And no, T & A doesn't mean "tatas" and "a$$". LOL

Yesterday, I needed to make a small run into town for a few items and something for me and the kids to eat for dinner. Earlier I had comtemplated driving to the next town over to shop at Walmart, but decided that the items I needed from there were not a necessity at the moment and I was just too tired to go. We only live 3 miles from city limits of our town so it won the toss up. Thinking back now, it apparently was meant for me not to go to Walmart, as I would have been so screwed if I had.

The kids and I got to the store, decided on tv dinners for dinner/supper, picked up a few necessary staples, i.e., bread, milk, and proceeded to check out. As the cashier was scanning the items, I opened my checkbook, looking for my debit card. NO CARD! It was not in my purse either. WTF?? The other bad part? I have no check either! I ran out and have not had the cash to order anymore lately.

Boy, did was I embarrassed! I nicely told the girl that I had apparently left my debit card at home and would run and get it and come back for my groceries. I hate to admit it but I broke all sorts of laws getting home and back to that store. I normally wouldn't have but I had ice cream in one of those bags and I had the feeling they wouldn't have the decency to put my cold stuff in the ice cooler up front til I returned....I was right!

Thankfully, we made it there and back with no incidents and all my items were ok.

Now on to the T&A (tonsils & adenoids) discussion. Megan is having a T&A tomorrow morning at 8am. She has had too many problems with strep this year and due to the fact that she does snore at night sometimes, we decided it would benefit her to have them removed. Right now as I type this, Kevin is on his way home from Searcy, Arkansas to be with me at the hospital while we wait for her surgery to be over. It takes the doctors 1 hour to complete the procedure and then we have to wait for her to wake up in recovery and be brought back to the room. Once there, she is given a cold diet of popsicles, jello, and tea to drink. They want her to eat most of this and go pee before she is released to go home. We anticipate being there quite a while, so I have decided to take Chris to Ms. Dana's so he won't have to wait around with us. He will be able to play with his buddies Josh and Josiah (who is Ms. Dana's son), plus get breakfast and lunch and maybe a nap! This will also allow us a little time to focus on Megan. Hopefully all goes well, and we receive a good outcome.

We also learned that Kevin, and the other TK employees, are in for a pay reduction of 10% per hour. Right now, Kevin makes $11/hour and with the cut, he would make $9.90/hour. It's not the greatest of pay, but it is better than nothing. I know with all the bills we have, it's not easy but we have been pinching and making it through. I know if I have to refile on food stamps, I will. I have no problem with receiving help, especially when I am trying to get an education and better our lives. We were receiving them up until October 08, when I had to recertify. The stupid office manager dude filled out some paperwork for us and put on there that Kevin would be getting over 60 hrs a week and would also receive a pay increase of $1/hr which caused us to lose them. Then, to top it all off, he didn't get the pay increase and he barely got 60 hours for a while after that. Typical. He still hasn't got a pay increase and, in 3 months 2 weeks, he will have been there a year. Gosh, I hope he get vacation days, lol!

So now it's back to turning the thermostat down/up to save on the power bill and eating mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and beans til something happens. Speaking of that, I think something will happen as soon as Kevin walks in the soon as I get out all I want to say. Time to pay the piper or move on. Simple as that. Life isn't least not to those of us who pay bills!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Caught this story on Yahoo! News. I had to read it twice to believe it. This girl needs some serious help!

NM mom charged with killing son on the playground