Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Double doses....

I took Megan to ENT today. Doc recommends we do the surgery. He and I both think it will benefit her in the long run with illness and sleep. She does tend to snore at night and sometimes sleeps with her mouth open and I am just tired of dealing with strep. Chris even has it now. He has been on antibiotics since Monday evening....still has fever.....still can't go to daycare. Thank goodness Ms. Carol cancelled our class tomorrow morning (she is teaching a workshop in neighboring town). I did have observations in the morn, but after discussing my predicament with Ms. Mitzi, I was given reprieve til another day. So, he will stay home with me in the morning, then stay with gramps til Dad is off work and able to pick him and sis up tomorrow evening....I still have my astronomy class LOL.

I called the sitter this morn to let her know about Chris only to find out that 2 others have gotten strep. Gosh, will this mess ever die down? I told Kevin that after her surgery I won't have to take off from school to take sick kids to the dr or stay home with them. Don't get me wrong....I don't tire of them, just all the sickness. I hate seeing my kids sick. Poor Chris had red eyes when we reached the dr Monday. I had just picked him up from the sitter and knew he felt awful warm. She had told me that it took him almost forever to eat a hotdog, then she heard him gag. She ran in just in time to see him throwing it back up in his plate. I could tell something was wrong with him when he told me he was wanting to go to sleep as I was strapping him in the car. Never, ever does he WANT to go to sleep! I immediately called the dr and got an appt for 40 minutes later. When we arrived, the nurse took his temp under his tongue. She announced it was only 97.9! I told her I didn't think it was right so she agreed to take it again....this time, under his arm. It came out at 103!! My gosh, you could look at his eyes and tell he had fever! They did a strep test, which was positive, and gave him a dose of Motrin. I have been alternating with Motrin and Tylenol since then.

God, I just pray that my son feels better soon and that Megan will have guardian angels watching over her when this surgery occurs.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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beagle said...

I am sure the surgery will be ok and I know she will enjoy all the ice cream!