Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is that your final answer??

I am a member of a yahoo group called 'cheapcycle' and 'freecycle'. On these groups, people place posts, or ads, for things they are selling or looking for. I decided to try my luck with this a few weeks ago, posting for some summer clothing for my son. Since clothing is so high these days, I thought maybe someone had some that their child outgrew, and wouldn't mind selling at a decent price or freely parting with them.

I received an email from a lady a few days after. Nothing to raise my eyebrow out. She simply stated she had some clothing she was selling and was sure there was something in there he could possibly wear. She said she would look and contact me the next day. I replied, "ok, thanks!" Next day she emails me and tells me there are 3 or 4 outfits and a few pair of shorts, I think. So I forgot to reply back. Uhm, I have a good excuse for that one. I was too busy with homework.

Anyways, she emailed me the other day asking if I was still interested in the clothes. So this time, I emailed her back and said, "not sure, you never gave me a price or told me what condition the clothes are in. Thanks!" I think that is simple enough, don't you?

So I am checking my email earlier today and lo and behold I have another email from her. This time all it says is, "are you still interested?" Uh, did not answer my questions!! How the he-- can I be interested if I don't know what I am saying I am interested in? This infuriated me to the point that I thought of emailing her back and saying that since she couldn't answer my questions, then NO I was not interested! I really did not want to be rude at all so I simply replied, "Not anymore, thanks! Have a good day!"

I am not sure how she will take it. Personally, right now, I really don't care how she will take it. She emailed me in the first place. I certainly am not going to pay a crapload of money for a bag full of clothes just so I can get a few outfits out of it. Now if she would price me for the certain size clothes I was asking for, then maybe we could work something out but I don't see her doing that. Actually, after I looked through some of the posts, I noticed she was one of many trying to sell things for more than they may possibly be worth. Go figure!

Well, it is a dreary day. The Railroad Festival is in town and looks like I am gonna have to take the kids without Dad. He is working. He came in from work last night around 8/8:30pm and then got called out again around 10. He made it home at approximately 4:30 this morning then was called back in at 8:30 again. Oh well, just means the paycheck next week will be nice! :)

Have a good weekend all!!

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Terrie said...

Some people in those groups can be can I say this nicely? Just annoying lol!