Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bad and The Worse

Wow! So I am now officially on summer break from college. My last day was April 30th....well, night actually. I had my Astronomy final that night and got out about 6:30pm...2 and a half hours ahead of schedule. Passed that class with an A. I actually managed all A's again this semester. I am so proud of myself juggling mom and wife duties and a college education all at once. It is not easy but I managed to crawl my way through it. With the normal stresses of everday life and those cast upon us by asshats, I managed to deal quite nicely. Bring it on bitches! I am ready for ya!

We still have not heard anymore on the house/lawsuit deal. We had to slack off paying the lawyer some since we were neglecting other things. We had him caught up on the bill he sent us anyway so until we get another, I feel no justification to keep handing him money we need at the present time. He knows we aren't going to leave him high and dry. I am kinda worried at the fact of not hearing anything. I thought our next step was court but I am hoping if that is so then it comes while I am out of class.

Another thing I am stressing on is Megan's upcoming surgery. She is having her tonsils removed June 3rd and Kevin and I are nervous about it. I heard that it was possible that we would not be allowed in the recovery room. I hope that is not mentioned at her pre-surgery appointment on the 27th. If it is, I hope the dr is prepared for my answer: GO F*** YOURSELF DOC!! You wanna stop me from being in there.....try me! My nephew, who is 4 yrs old, is having the same thing done. I really feel for him and my sis. If she can't be back there when he wakes up, all he** may break loose. He does not do good with strangers as far as I can remember and that worries me. I really think it is stupid that doctors and nurses don't give any consideration into the child's well-being. What if he wakes up and there is no familiar face to soothe him from his pain? He will probably cry and risk opening up the sutures. *shudders* Let's not think about that right now. Maybe everything will go ok. I know I will be here praying that whole day til I hear otherwise.

Ya know, I love my family. I love having family time. But sometimes do you feel as if someone in your family is a little too intrusive? Let me explain. Kevin left for work this morning and accidentally left in a hurry and did not get his cell. I really think it was for the best anyways. I took Megan to catch the bus, came back home, and lay back down on the bed. Starting at 8:30am, his phone began ringing....every 10-15 minutes. It had started to annoy me so I cut the ring off. I looked at the phone calls just to see who it may be. Lo and behold it was his brother...his almost 24yr old out of college for the summer, don't have a job so dad gives me money brother. I was curious as to why he was calling him so much and that early in the day. At the precise moment, I was sleepy so I went back to bed. Later today, he tried calling again. This time I pretended to be Kevin and texted him asking what he needed. Of course he asks where I (Kevin) am. Duh! WORK!! So then he replies asking how much I (Kevin) would charge him to stay in our shop til he finds somewhere else to go. Apparently, his dad's girlfriend is raising all sorts of h*** about him being there, no privacy (GET OVER IT!) and crap like that. I told him I would have to think on that. He asks me to think fast. Ha! If it was actually Kevin, I feel he probably would have done told him yeah without even discussing it with me. That is not something he should do. This is my house as well. Now I don't mind helping family but there is no way we can afford to feed him, shelter him, and all that without money. I seriously doubt their dad would give us one red cent for a roof over his head. And I am not too sure on him and work either. He loves to sleep so early rising is really not in his book. To be honest, I am not willing to deal with a freeloader. Plain and simple. It was different when we were getting government help, when our cash money was not having to go on food and we could use it to pay bills. That was different. I mean, gee, really, they have a mom who has a spare bedroom. Why is he not asking her? Why his brother with a wife and 2 kids to feed? I don't get it. I just hope Kevin can see it from my point of view. I don't want someone here that is just sitting around looking for a handout. I just don't feel comfortable with it. Period. And right now, I just don't want to deal with it.

OK I have rant and raved enough. Stepping off the soapbox now and going to get something to drink. My throat is parched!

Later, peeps!

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beagle said...

Oh man! I hope all that works out for everyone!