Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Reading that title, you are probably thinking about those Jason Vorhees movies...right? Well, I wouldn't have been a bit surprised had I caught a glimpse of him today. It has been one of those days!

The morning started off on a sour note. I awoke to Christopher in bed with me and Kevin. Alarm clock sounds, Kevin leaves for work, and I settle back down on my pillow for a 45 minute nap. After the alarm sounds again, I get the kids up for school and make my way into Christopher's room to fetch his clothes for the day. After flipping on the light, I observed what appeared to be vomit in the floor by his bed. It was confirmed when I noticed it on his pillow and sheet as well. So, I get him and Megan up and proceeded to clean up the mess. I hadn't had time to eat any breakfast so of course this caused me to gag a bit. Needless to say, it also made me lose my appetite. I got them on the bus, showered, and got myself dressed so I could get on on the road to school for my graduation rehearsal.

On the way to rehearsal, it began to rain. My mind then wandered to the thought of where I will park so I don't have to get too wet. A few weeks ago, I bought myself a new umbrella. The other day, I discovered a couple of the metal pieces that hold it open were broken in half, so I trashed it. Before today, I had forgotten to replace it and now I would suffer the consequences. When I arrived on campus, I ended up having to park roughly 100 yards from the gymnasium; where we were to meet up to start rehearsal. The rain had subsided for the moment so the walk in was ok. We got our placement cards, found our seats, and listened to directions for tomorrow's event. After practicing our line-up and graduation procedures, we were given our caps and gowns and we were then dismissed. I made my way to my car through the now pouring rain only to discover that I had left my headlights on during the morning. Thankfully, my boss from the college's childcare center was on campus and she called campus police for me. Within minutes, they had arrived and got my car started. I decided it was now time to get home!

I mentioned earlier that I had not ate breakfast. Before leaving town and heading home, I picked up a bite of food at the local Sonic. I waited til I was home to eat and relax. Earlier, Kevin had asked if I had checked with the bank to see if his check had been deposited. I hadn't so I figured I would call in and find out the amount. Afterwards, I called him to tell him the amount. He told me it didn't sound right but that is what the bank had confirmed was deposited. Come to find out, a couple of his work slips didn't get turned in so he lost 15 hours of overtime pay this week. Luckily, he was told it would be put with next week's pay so that is a plus.

Oh, yeah. Graduation. I am proud to say I will graduate tomorrow at 2 pm with an Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education (ECE) Technology....and with a 4.0 GPA!! I had signed up and completed classes this spring semester that would go toward a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Ed with an ECE concentration. I already registered for Fall classes, seeing as how I would have 2 more semesters here at this college then transfer to a university. Upon checking the college website, I shocked to learn that I was denied financial aid due to having completed 96 semester hours. So, if I intend to complete this degree, I assume I will need to take out student loans. *SIGH* I guess I just have to do what I gotta do!

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