Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Easy, but exhausting, first day....

My classes started at 9 this morning. I have two classes that meet back to back on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, one that meets on Tuesdays, one that meets on Thursdays, and one that meets Thursday evenings. Five classes....19 hours credit. This morning, we went over the rules, as usual, and listened to our instructor talk about things and activities we will be doing over the course of the next 4 and half months. We got out 20 minutes early so I decided to head over to the college bookstore and pick up a portion of the books I would need. Some books are not in yet. I think I may try to find them elsewhere if they don't get them in soon.

At the bookstore, I got the books I could find, a grey hoodie with the college name in red on the front, a t-shirt/cap combo (also embellished with the college name), exam scantrons, and an academic planner. I walked about a mile back to my car....good education plus a workout all in one!! Ahahaha! Man, my arms hurt holding those books and things in the checkout line. Took me an hour to get in, checkout, and walk to my car. Oh yeah, dumb me left the headlights on this morning. I got to school at 8:20 and didn't get back to my car til around 11:30. I didn't realize it til I was walking to the car. I happen to glance at the tail lights and it looked as if they were lit. I remember thinking to myself "Oh dear God, please tell me I didn't!!" Then when I discovered I had, I grit my teeth, turned the key and prayed "Please let this car crank for me!" Thank goodness it did!! I don't know who I would have called, other than campus police. I believe I had an angel with me. Leaving the headlights on for over 3 hours.....that should have drained that battery down so low that it could not have cranked. But it did. *wipes sweat from brow* I made it to pick up Chris at the sitter's. He had just fallen asleep for a nap so the sitter told me to let him sleep while I ran to Wal-mart to pick up a few items for supper.

Now I am sitting here at home waiting til it is time to meet Megan's bus. Tomorrow I will have to drive back after my first class in order to pick Megan up from school and drop her off at the baby-sitter's, where Chris will already be, then drive back to school for my Astronomy class. I know he will be glad to see her too. He so wanted her to stay with him at the sitter today. Poor kiddo! We have gotten out of our routine so bad that he cried this morning as I was dropping him off. Oh well, next semester I hope to have him enrolled in the early childhood center at the college I attend. I think it will help him prepare for kindergarten.

Ok well I need to go. Ciao!

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beagle said...

Glad to hear you had a good first day back! It is always so hard to get back to routine. Hope you have a great semester! :)