Friday, January 9, 2009

One too many nuts.....

Today was exhausting. I have to get up early to make it to my classes. My first class starts at 9. I have to get up, shower, get dressed, fix Kevin's lunch, get Megan up so she can get ready for school, dress Chris, get everything together, drop Megan at school, Chris at the sitter, and drive to college. Whew! That was tiring just typing that! Busy mornings.....each and every day!! It is only going to get worse! I learned today that starting on Monday March 23, I have to be at school by 8 to start observations in the center again. I will have to observe a child from 8 to 9am every morning. These are all part of the field I am going into. Not to mention, in February, our trip to the Children's Museum in Memphis....which we will be leaving at 8am that day and not returning until 2/3pm, then I have my astronomy class that starts at 5pm that same day! Boy, I bet that night I will probably just collapse into bed!

Oh, sorry...just started rambling there! On to the purpose of this post. I think there are alot of nutty characters in this world....human and non-human. I saw two proofs of that this morning. They actually happened within seconds of each other. First, I was driving to school and noticed an elderly couple at a stop sign to my left. Well, I was heading north on this 3 lane street, and this other truck was heading south. As soon as this truck passed by the elderly couple, they pulled out and turned to head north.....right in front of me!! What was so nutty was that this old dude wanted to drive 10 mph UNDER the speed limit, then turn right into a parking lot about 100 yards from where he turned out! Are they checking eyesight at the DMV nowadays?? If not, I believe they need to start.

As soon as that old fart turned and got out of my way, I noticed something in the middle (turning) lane. It was a squirrel! I couldn't tell if it was hurt or what.....didn't see any blood or guts, so I assumed it was ok. Anyways, this squirrel had to have discovered and gnawed on a crack rock instead of an acorn, because as I glanced in my side-view mirror, it started rolling around!! I thought to myself: "What a heckuva place to be doing that!!" Now as far as I know, since I only glanced at the squirrel, it could have gotten it's head ran over and the body was just reacting because of the nerves. But I honestly did not see anything whatsoever that would make me think that it had been hit. So I just don't know. I hope, if it wasn't hurt, that it got out of the road safely.

I had my first astronomy class last night. We started at 5pm and he let us all go around 10 til 7. Mr. Nowicki mentioned that the campus bookstore closed at 7, and since some folks didn't have their textbooks yet, he would allow us this early leave so they could collect them. As we were preparing to leave, he spoke up and said, "I will walk out with you guys and show you a few things." As we got outside and let our eyes adjust, he pointed out the stars in the 'Orion' constellation. He motioned for us to cast our eyes upward from the left top star of that constellation toward another ball of light. He asked, "I bet you all think that is a star, right?" The most popular answer? "Yes." "Well, it isn't a star", he said. "It's actually a planet." Insert *gasp*, oohs, ahhs! here. Yes indeed, it is none other than the planet Jupiter. Interesting, huh? I thought so too. Wanna know an easier way to find this 'star'? Just go out and glance at the moon. Look just a tad northeast-ish and you should see it. Oh and we also learned that the Big and Little Dippers are NOT constellations. They are considered asterisms. An asterism is a group of stars that resemble a shape or animal. So cool! I am learning already and I am excited!

Ok I gotta go now. Will have to pick Megan up from the bus stop soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Over and out!


beagle said...

That astronomy class sounds so cool!

Terrie said...

That does sound like an interesting class! I LOVE looking at the stars, but looking up at the sky makes me a bit dizzy!

I think D had Mr. Nowicki when he was going to college there, lol. He liked him as a teacher!

Melissa said...

Cool! I know he seems like a cool instructor. I actually can't wait til Thursday! LOL