Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Rollercoaster Ride to a Compromised Situation

Monday. In my honest opinion, I wish Mondays never existed. But then we would all end up with crappy Tuesdays, so it goes on. Yesterday sucked more than any other Monday of my life....or so I can remember.

Sunday, Kevin and I decided to put up the trampoline that my parents gave to us for the kids. This trampoline has been around since I was like 9 yrs old....well the frame has....the mat, on the other hand, has been replaced once. Anyway, we assembled it upside down and had to flip it over. The kids tested it out for a few minutes then we went inside and got settled for the night. Before we went to bed, Chris told us his eye hurt so we looked at it. I removed an eyelash that was curled under and poking in the corner of his left eye. We thought that was that.

Yesterday morning he woke up with a red puffy eyelid. I also noticed that there was some discharge and also a few lashes that looked to be bent down inside the bottom eyelid. He wouldn't let me mess with it so we got an appointment with an eye doc. The appoinment went so-so as Chris would not cooperate with the doc, but he did manage to brush the lashes out of his eye and prescribed some drops to be placed in his eye 3 times a day for 5 days.

We left out of there somewhat hopeful and decided to check out the new Dollar Tree that had finally opened in town. That was a great decision as we have been planning Megan's upcoming 10th birthday party and she wanted a luau theme. As soon as we walked in the door, we noticed an entire row of luau themed decor! We didn't want to spend alot so we decided we would just get a few things this trip and continue to buy a little each week so we can be prepared. We ended up getting plates, cups, napkins, 2 luau party signs (one to stick in the yard, the other to hang up), and a grass skirt table cloth. They even had leis that we believed were cheaper than Walmart but decided to wait on them until our next trip so we can compare prices. I will be making the invitations since we found a great template that Megan loved and wanted to use. We are so excited! The kids had some saved up cash so before we headed home, we stopped for a snowcone. Chris opted for a split: banana and strawberry, Megan got blue raspberry, I got chocolate, and we brought a green apple home for Kevin to enjoy later. I do have pics of Megan's blue lips/tongue that I plan to post later!

As for the compromised situation....I am getting to that.

We devided to have sandwiches for dinner since it was so hot yesterday and we didn't want to fire up the beast(stove), as Kevin calls it. LOL! As we were sitting down to watch a little tv, my phone rings. Now, normally, if I do not recognize the number, I don't answer it. For some reason, this time, I did. It was an automated message saying they(risk management) were calling in regards to our bank atm debit card and needed to speak with Kevin immediately, and to call this number back. So, learily, I did. A dude named Richard took my call. He never ask for any info. He simply asked me if I had used my debit card online recently to make any purchases. I told him no, that I had not used it in that manner within the last 6 months and that I use it mainly to pay certain bills online and that was it. He said he thought so and proceeded to explain to me that our former card had somehow been duplicated and been used to make a $482.33 purchase at some department store in Brazil. What I mean by former card is that, a week or so ago, we received new debit cards in the mail from our bank and a note stating that our account and cards possibly had been compromised and to stop immediate use of the old cards since they would be canceled, which we did! Apparently, somehow, this transaction made it through authorization. The girls at the bank assured me that by Thursday, this transaction will have expired and drop from my account due to the card being blocked, but in the case that it came through and overdrafts it plus anything else, they will dispute it and return all monies and od fees to our account. You damn right you will....or you will be hearing from our lawyer. Speaking of which, Kevin and I will be going in to see him today to talk about a settlement offer. Hopefully, this time, it's in our favor and we can get on with our lives. I am so sick of drama.

So, there ya go. A look into my rollercoaster ride so far this week. I am hoping the Good Lord sees fit to grant us a reprieve. Megan has a follow-up with Dr. Yarber tomorrow at 1pm. I am sure it will go exceptional. Now I am hot and tired. Think I will grab myself a Dr. Pepper popsicle and chill on the couch for a while.

Later taters!!

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beagle said...

Hope Chris is feeling better soon! That stuff with the card/account is crazy, glad they caught it! Hope Megan's appointment goes well. :)