Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally! One down....Three to go!

Yesterday was the last day of class for me this semester....actually this year! My spring classes won't start til January 5th, 2009. I managed a total of 18 hours for the fall semester. I tell you, I do not like online classes. I took 3 online and 2 on-campus as to narrow down the days I would have to drive 30-something miles one way to school. Kevin was not in the right job to afford the pricey gas and daycare for an everyday schedule. The work for the online classes was very excessive due to the fact that you don't turn in work to a person daily/weekly so they have to be sure you are doing the work they assign you. One instructor had a tendency of taking their time when corresponding through email. That didn't set well with me, especially if the topic on hand was extremely important. All in all, I dealt with it and successfully accomplished my goals: to finish accordingly.

Monday marked a return to school from the week holiday for my third grader, Megan. Today they took a trip to the local high school to watch a theatrical performance of "The Nutcracker". I think this play is about worn out. Can't they find something else to do.....Christmas Carol, maybe?? Anywho, they are also doing Christmas projects for the next two and a half weeks. We got a list on Monday of items that are needed. I guess I will try to send a thing or two on Monday, the 8th. I know I will be glad when December 19th gets here. She will be out 2 weeks for Christmas holidays and I can sleep in some LOL!

On the other hand, since I am finished with my classes for now, Chris is happy that he doesn't have to go to Ms. Dana's for a while. For the first few months, he would cry everytime I dropped him off. The expressions on his poor face along with the question, "Mommy, you gonna pick me up in a little while?", would always melt my heart. I was later told that 5 minutes after I was gone, he was totally fine. I understand his strain. With me being a stay at home mom ever since he was born, I can relate to him not wanting to stay anywhere without me. This semester, he only had to stay with her 2 or 3 days a week. When my classes start back, he will be there every day, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday. I hope this serves as a learning experience for him since, hopefully, he will be starting preschool next fall. I really look forward to that! :)


beagle said...

I remember my Dad took me to see The Nutcracker when I was younger, it was when he lived in Memphis. It was at The Orpheum Theatre - and it was a big ballet company that performed it. I was so amazed at the dancers and it was so beautiful. I wish every kid could experience a real big show with ballet performers like I did - it was just magic. I remember we had to get dressed up really nice and went for hot chocolate after wards...just such a neat night.

I think next semester will be good for Chris, it is good for little ones to get out and "See the world". I think it helps make them more diverse and see things differently. Nothing wrong with a little independence! ;)

Terrie said...

Isn't it great to blog on a site that doesn't have bad server errors and mess so much that it drives you crazy?!

I think Chris will be okay. He will start to understand that you will be there for him later!

How did Megan like The Nutcracker?

Melissa said...

I think she liked it. She didn't seem too enthusiastic; although, this isn't the first time she has seen it. It seems like a yearly tradition for all the schools.

Yes, blogger is so much more technically supportive than Myspace....but I still like it too! :)