Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it January yet?

The Christmas party with my family went well, seeing as how all the adults waited until my hubby, Kevin, was home from work to exchange and open our Secret Santa gifts. That was the low of the day....him having to miss the majority of the party and the kids opening their gifts from everyone. The food was awesome! Everyone did a great job preparing their selected food items.

I know I felt really tired throughout the whole party. I hadn't been getting much sleep lately due to worry over the holidays, the party, and the thought of losing our house. Our relatives, from which we bought the house, have decided to enlighten us with servement of a foreclosure complaint the week before Christmas. Tomorrow morning, I have the liberty of seeing a lawyer to find out how we can let them have the house back and retain what good we have on our credit. It really sucks that they would do us this way, especially considering we have 2 small children that this will effect in the long run. I swear, I totally believe in what goes around, comes around.....and I do not wish anything bad on anyone, but I was told that they will probably get a karma bite in the butt three-times-fold because of them doing this. So towards the end of January/first of February, we will be in the process of moving back into a rental house. I am not proud of it but with how things have been since we moved here, I think it is best for the time being.

Back to the topic at hand....I felt like crap most of the day Sunday. I went to bed rather late Friday night since I had to run into Amory to Wal-mart for the remainder of Christmas gifts and goody ingredients I needed for the party Saturday. I ran into my next to youngest sister, Heather, her hubby Jason, and their son JJ. We stood in an aisle and talked for a while then I decided I needed to get on home as it was getting late and my sherbet was slowly melting. I got home around 8 to 9pm and decided I was too pooped to do any of my goodies that night. I went to bed around 12 and got up with Kevin at 5am. I fixed him some lunch and he left for work. I started baking snowball cookies (which IMHO, were not all that great but it was my first time making them) and shaping and dipping the bon bons. I definitely have to share that recipe with you all! YUM!! I also cleaned the remainder of the house, swept and mopped the floor, vacuumed the floor, wrapped gifts and washed up the dishes I messed up. Boy was I tired! If I hadn't thought it rude, I would have pulled up a pillow and napped in the floor during the party! LOL :)

We plan on spending Christmas Eve night and Christmas Morning here at home. We have been invited to several places to eat....Kevin's stepdad (more like real dad) has told us we were invited to come eat with them at his dad and stepmom's house on Christmas Eve. Kevin's mom wants us to come eat with her and his uncle Frank and his girlfriend on Christmas Day. Then we have to drive to Memphis either Friday night or early Saturday morning to meet up with his aunt from Texas and meet his cousin that he has not seen since she was 1, hang out with them some and then attend her wedding on Sunday afternoon. It was so corny when we learned she lives in Memphis and we had been up there several times to the drag races. Gosh, we may have seen her lots of times and not have known it.

Monday will be Kevin's 30th birthday. He unfortunately has to work! LOL! But I plan on having a surprise for him that evening. ;) Well I need to go. We need to go find something to eat for supper. I am really not all that hungry....just have a slight tummy ache.

Until next time, America!


Terrie said...

I am so sorry we were rude and fell asleep at the party! :P I didn't get much sleep the night before and watching the kids open gifts just exhausted me for some reason lol!

Good luck with the lawyers and stuff. I hope they can find a way to work things out to where your credit isn't ruined. I think karma will get them in turn too.

Everything happens for a reason-maybe the reason will become apparent sometime soon!!

Supermom said...

i am so sorry about your house!

Hope you feel better soon. Merry Christmas !

Melissa said...

Thanks to you both!! I feel better about the situation after talking to this latest lawyer. I hope he takes our case.