Monday, December 29, 2008

Walkin' in Memphis, part 2.

We managed to make it to the wedding hall 10 minutes before it started. Megan and I got to go into the bride's dressing room and meet Bethany. She looked so beautiful. The gown was gorgeous!! We stepped back outside and found adequate seating. The ceremony finally got underway and it was lovely. The environment was astonishing! There were lights everywhere, beautiful flower arrangements, and great music....lots of great love songs!!

Kevin, Lee, and I were sitting at a table talking, after the ceremony, when the dj burst out with some T.I. The looks on our face were probably priceless, LOL! In addition to T.I., the dj played various music from T-Pain to Taylor Swift. It was awesome!! Bethany finally was able to break away for a few minutes and came over and sat and talked to us a bit. She was so excited to meet us all. We finally got introduced to her new husband, Clint. He is a very handsome guy and also a Corporal in the U.S. Marines. Wow! He is set to depart to Japan in January, thus the sudden nuptuals. She wanted to be with him, since he had been gone away from her already for a year. Can't say I don't blame her. So now legally she can join him where-ever he gets stationed. She told us that they would be in Japan til at least June and then come back to the States, probably to South Carolina. We all hated that we wouldn't see her for a while but she promised that we would keep in touch through phone calls and email. Shortly thereafter, the limo arrived and the bride and groom were ready to go. Everyone lit sparklers and the lucky couple ran through them to the car. They all went to the Fox and Hound English Pub for an after-wedding celebration. Kevin, the kids, and I made the 2 hour trip home.

I think the whole evening went pretty well. She seems like a very nice and fun person to be around and I really can't wait until we see her again. I got tons of great pics of her with the guys and kids and will have to post those soon too.

Right now, I need a shower! Laters! :-)

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beagle said...

So glad y'all had a good time and got to meet some distant family!