Monday, December 8, 2008

Lights Out!

We got our tree out of the closet finally! We had been meaning to put it up since Thanksgiving, but seems things happen and we end up not getting around to it. I had some errands to run yesterday so Kevin stayed home with the kids and set the tree up out of the box. I came home and straightened all the branches and gaps. Plugged it up and there were a few lights out causing a small portion in the direct center to be out. We located a blown bulb and removed it. To our dismay, we realized we had no replacements. I have a trip to the dollar store planned as soon as Megan steps off the bus.

We have a little under 2 weeks until the family Christmas party. I am totally not ready for this. The adults are doing Secret Santa and we have yet to get our gifts purchased and wrapped. We have had our 'names' since Halloween, but like I said earlier, things seem to happen and we can't get to it. I still have 5 presents to buy for nieces and a nephew and one or two more that go to my kids. I don't think Kevin and I are doing gifts for each other this year. Really, at this moment, I couldn't care less. As long as I have him with me, it's Christmas year round. I am so totally out on material things. They don't seem to matter to me anymore. Guess that is all part of growing up. I feel as though I have come a long way on that.

I wish we could have started shopping in early June/July, but in that particular period of our life, we were struggling with Kevin's sudden job loss, a new (but low paying) job for Kevin, and my determination to enroll in college. Yeah, we had to pinch harder than we have ever had. Thank goodness the economic stimulus was put into effect or we wouldn't still be in this house. I told Kevin I was so sick of using all our money to pay bills. I even had a refund of $745 from my pell grant that had to go to house payment because we were behind from that sudden job loss. Imagine, sitting in IHOP, eating with your family to celebrate Father's day with your dad and getting a call, where your boss tells you that he can't afford to pay you anymore due to rising diesel costs and that there was no need for you to report to work anymore. Sucks huh? My reaction? Like, why couldn't he have called earlier so we could have just opted out of spending any money to eat out! We could have saved that. But that is the past, it is over and done with, and we can't change it now. And to top it all off, he called my husband several times after he finally found a job, and begged him to come back. My husband told him no, that we couldn't stand another sudden layoff like that again. Thank goodness, Kevin now has a good paying (sometimes) job. But right now most of that is going towards Christmas and still trying to catch back up fully on bills. Amen for the new year and tax season!! We will most definitely catch up in January/February.

Of course, Kevin's mom didn't and still doesn't (far as I know) support my idea to go to college. The last time we ever went to her house (which has been a while since her and my hubby had a heated argument, which is the reason we hadn't been over there in a while before then) she never even asked me about it. Everyone I have talked to says that she is always bad-mouthing me, saying I am lazy and that this was an excuse not to go to work. Whatever! Get a life lady! This is an excuse to get a better job than the 'work for crap' cashier that I used to be. You cannot be paid enough to deal with public. Some people out there are just so rude, especially the ones that think if they touch your hand to put their money in it, then they will catch some awful disease and their hands or fingers are going to rot off. Lord have mercy. Oh and get this....she isn't very supportive of me going to school but her other son, my half BIL, now that is a different story. He has been in school for a while now and she is very supportive of him going and getting a free ride from his daddy all the while. Yep, every ounce of cash he spends comes from daddy dearest. Must be nice!

Well, it is after 3 now and neither Chris nor I have our shoes on. I guess I am gonna get mine and help him with his. It won't be long til the bus runs and I have to pick Megan up. Until next time, America!!

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beagle said...

Seems like crap always piles up around holiday season!