Monday, December 15, 2008

Some people....

In all honesty, I will be glad when Christmas day is here and past. This time of year brings out the worst in people. They tend to get more greedy and more rude than ever. Here are a few examples that I and my family have experienced.

About a week or so ago, I ran out to our local Dollar General Store for some needed items. First off, I have not been in any of these stores that have adequate walking space. Mainly one person at a time can fit down the aisles and mostly everything is stuffed together. While I was looking for a few small strands of Christmas lights for our tree, these folks were walking hurriedly through the racks. Now, I am caucasian...these folks were not. Not only did they allow their son, who looked to be around 8ish, to run around inside the store and bother other shoppers, they proceeded to short-cut in front of people to get down aisles. They better be glad it was not AF time or they may have gotten some very loud and publicly rude comments...FROM ME!!

On to experience number 2! One of our nieces (my brother's daughter) spent the night with my kids Saturday night. Yesterday, we took her home, sat a few minutes, then left to do some more shopping and grab a bite to eat. I had to run into Toys R Us for some gifts so hubby and kids waited in the car. When I came out, this is the conversation that ensued:

Hubby: "Is that shopping cart still pushed up behind the car?"
Me: "Shopping cart? I didn't see any shopping cart!"
Daughter: *while rolling eyes* "Well, this black lady pushed her cart behind our car and just left it there! But I just saw this dude take it in the store"
Me: "Well, she better be glad I was inside shopping!!"

Hello? But why would you put your shopping cart behind someone's car?? What if that person was getting ready to leave, didn't see you put it there or couldn't see it at all, and backed over it, possibly damaging it and their vehicle?!?!?! WTF is wrong with people???

Then after we decided to go eat at Burger King, the girl taking our order....INSIDE THE STORE I may add, screwed it up and didn't do it right....but we got a free whopper jr so I won't complain much....but just how can you screw up an order when someone tells you what they want...IN YOUR FACE!!! Ugh! Gosh, is it that hard? I know some guy that had went through the drive-thru over an hr earlier, was back in there for the second time. He had ordered a sandwich with no onion, lettuce, or tomato and they messed it up so he brought it back, then it was apparently messed up again the second time. I mean, I know it is busy with everyone out shopping but come can do better than that.

After all that mayhem, we decided to forgo shopping anymore and came home. I was so tired and more or less overwhelmed at the holidays that when I got home and began reading some email, my emotions got the best of me and I shut myself in the bathroom for a good cry. I kinda felt better afterwards, got Kevin up off the couch, and went to bed.

Oh I am so glad Christmas is next week!!

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beagle said...

People are so rude sometimes. I got bitched out by a customer today for something not even in my dept and totally out of my control. I wanted to say Merry Christmas to you @*&!@& when I hung up, but I didn't.